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Our own Rosalie Morris!

Out of thousands of students, Cambridge College chose our own Rosalie to appear all throughout the area on billboards and MBTA posters promoting their educational offerings.

 Rosalie Morris, Masters Level Intern comes to us from Cambridge College Graduate School of Psychology and Counseling with concentrations in Trauma and Addiction. Previous clinical experience involved both individual and group work focused in all areas of Mental Health and Substance Abuse. 

She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Communications. Prior to studying mental health counseling, Rosalie was an original owner and founder of East Celebrity Elite Central, LLC., an all-star cheerleading and gymnastics program located in central Massachusetts. There she spent twenty-five years working with individuals throughout their life span from childhood through adulthood and she has vast insight into the complexities of a variety of family dynamics. 

She is a firm believer in positive self-esteem and often mentored her students through difficult times. In addition, Ms. Morris taught self-image/self-esteem seminars. 

Rosalie's person-centered strength-based approach aligns with her non-judgmental, supportive demeanor. Utilizing additional counseling techniques she believes that every individual is unique and it is important to work with each client in finding the technique(s) that works for them.



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